The Creepiness of Caddo Lake

In East Texas, near the Louisiana border and Jefferson, Texas lies one of the creepiest lakes in the country. This week we discuss Bigfoot, some legends, and the weird atmosphere of this place. Resources:

The Maceo Family Empire- Galveston’s Very Own Mob Duo

When you hear about the mob, most people picture Boston, Las Vegas, or New York. Most people don’t picture Galveston, Texas. One of the most successful mob duos ever, Sam and Rose Maceo, made their name in the “Ellis Island of the West” and their reputation lives on. Resources: Galveston’s Maceo Family Empire: Bootlegging and…

Bob “Daddy-O” Wade

Bob “Daddy-O” Wade created some unmistakable Texas landmarks with his art. Though he passed at the end of 2019, his creations live on. Resources: