The Book is Here!

I am thrilled to announce that Texas: Slang for Crazy is now a book that exists in the world. You can find it in both print and Kindle formats on Amazon.

The “Eyes of Texas” Controversy


The Woman Buried in her Ferrari

Sandra West’s 1977 burial garnered national headlines, but not just because of her burial requests. Resources:

Alligator Hunting Season

For a brief period in September each year, certain counties in Texas have the opportunity to hunt alligators that may provide a danger to their property.,capture%20it%20in%20the%20water.

Special Series: Sex Trafficking in Texas

January is National Human Trafficking awareness month. In that light, we have started a short series on the dangers of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in Texas. This page will feature many links and resources if you’d like to find out more. I’d like to thank for all of their hard work in Bexar County…