The Devil’s Backbone

Between Wemberly and Blanco lies a stretch of road with an iconic name and more than its share of ghostly apparitions. Resources: The Devil’s Backbone: The Most Haunted Stretch of Texas Highway ( Fear Factor – Texas Monthly Devil’s Backbone Tavern (

The Houston Ice Box Murders

A grisly discovery in 1965 remains one of Houston’s strangest unsolved murders. Resources: Why The Ice Box Murders Remain Terrifying After 50 Years ( The Chilling Tale of the Icebox Murders | Houstonia Magazine The Ice Box The Ice Box Murders by Hugh and Martha Gardenier Ice Box Murders | True Crime Tales (

That Time a Roman Bust Ended Up at a Texas Good Will

Thrifting sometimes leads to the discovery of treasures, but no one was expecting to find a 2,000-year-old Roman Statue at the Goodwill. Resources:

The Intense Love of Frenchy McCormick

Frenchy McCormick’s devotion has become a Texas legend. Resources: TSHA | McCormick, Frenchy ( Old Tascosa and Frenchy McCormick | Lifestyles | Elizabeth “Frenchy” McCormick (1852-1941) – Find a Grave Memorial Frenchy McCormick Archives – Petticoats & Pistols ( Frenchie’s Tree – TxHTC

Rest in Peace, Hispanic Elvis

This week, San Antonio locals are mourning the loss of a local icon. Resources: Mi Tierra plans tribute for San Antonio icon Hispanic Elvis ( ‘Hispanic Elvis’ passed away Wednesday, family says | Meet the ‘Hispanic Elvis,’ a Local San Antonio Legend Going Viral On TikTok ( San Antonio’s late Hispanic Elvis remembered in…

The Legend of the Woofus

A seemingly unholy amalgamation of animals frames the Swine Building in Dallas. Resources: The Woofus, Dallas, Texas ( The Texas Woofus – Dallas, Texas – Atlas Obscura Friends of Fair Park – Woofus ( 5 Reasons Why The Woofus Will Be Your New Favorite Animal At The State Fair | Art&Seek | Arts, Music, Culture…