The Treue Der Union Monument and the Massacre on the Nueces

In 1862 a group of German Unionists were gunned down at the Massacre on the Nueces. Today a monument to their murder and the Union sits in a Hill Country Town. Thanks to the following resources: The Texas State History Handbook Online: The New York Times Wikipedia: Texas Public Radio:

Giant Heads and Mount Rush Hour- David Adickes

Driving through Texas, you might get a peak at a few giant heads and a Mini Mount Rushmore built for Houston traffic. Resources:

Attempted Murder- The Treaty Oak Edition

In 1989 one of Austin’s landmarks was almost murdered by a resident. The why and how is mindboggling. Resources:

The Creation of the Frozen Margarita

Mariano Martinez of Dallas needed his popular margaritas to stay consistent. His invention lead to a Mexican restaurant classic- the frozen Margarita.   Resources:

That Time Japan Unsuccessfully Bombed Texas

In 1945, two communities in Texas found giant balloons in their fields. Though it was mostly covered up by the US, it turned out it was a failed attempt by the Japanese to cause serious damage from a distance. Resources:

The Life Size Wax Last Supper of Ft. Worth

The Christian Art Museum of Fort Worth today houses a giant model of the last supper behind a velvet rope. However, how it got to be there is a funny story. Resources:  

The Grave of the Chicken Fried Steak, Houston

At the Taste of Texas Restaurant in Houston, there is one item that is permanently off the menu; and, there’s the grave to prove it. Resources:,menu%20item’s%20final%20resting%20place.