The Houston Ice Box Murders

A grisly discovery in 1965 remains one of Houston’s strangest unsolved murders. Resources: Why The Ice Box Murders Remain Terrifying After 50 Years ( The Chilling Tale of the Icebox Murders | Houstonia Magazine The Ice Box The Ice Box Murders by Hugh and Martha Gardenier Ice Box Murders | True Crime Tales (

The Grave of the Chicken Fried Steak, Houston

At the Taste of Texas Restaurant in Houston, there is one item that is permanently off the menu; and, there’s the grave to prove it. Resources:,menu%20item’s%20final%20resting%20place.

Help Rebuild The Wilde Collection

The Wilde Collection of Houston, Texas was a wonderful, weird, and whimsical place for those who love haunted objects, taxidermy, and the bizarre. Unfortunately, on November 1, 2019, the store was burned by a man who wanted to bring about the Book of Revelations. You can donate to help here: Resources:…