Texas’ Eric the Red

Why was a Texas Surgeon known for killing and incapacitating hundreds of patients allowed to practice for so long? Resources: Dr. Evil – Texas Monthly Rogue Surgeon: The Tale of ‘Eric the Red’ (texasobserver.org) Oft-sued orthopedic surgeon arrested in Colorado (chron.com) Patients Bleed, Practice Thrives – Hartford Courant Eric Scheffey arrested in Colorado – Off…

The Houston Ice Box Murders

A grisly discovery in 1965 remains one of Houston’s strangest unsolved murders. Resources: Why The Ice Box Murders Remain Terrifying After 50 Years (allthatsinteresting.com) The Chilling Tale of the Icebox Murders | Houstonia Magazine The Ice Box Murders.com The Ice Box Murders by Hugh and Martha Gardenier Ice Box Murders | True Crime Tales (truecrimetalestx.com)

The Haunted Clocktower of Gonzales

The Gonzales County Courthouse is a marvel of a building that was begun in 1894. By 1846, the brick and limestone building was festooned with a gorgeous clocktower. However, after a murderer made a final claim, the clock tower found its curse. Resources: https://maps.roadtrippers.com/us/gonzales-tx/points-of-interest/cursed-courthouse-clock http://www.texasescapes.com/TRIPS/GreatAmericanLegendTour/GonzalesCoCourthouse/Gonzales-County-Courthouse-Clock.htm https://www.gonzalestx.travel/business/gonzales-county-courthouse So you can get a look at the clocktower: