Rest in Peace, Hispanic Elvis

This week, San Antonio locals are mourning the loss of a local icon. Resources: Mi Tierra plans tribute for San Antonio icon Hispanic Elvis ( ‘Hispanic Elvis’ passed away Wednesday, family says | Meet the ‘Hispanic Elvis,’ a Local San Antonio Legend Going Viral On TikTok ( San Antonio’s late Hispanic Elvis remembered in…

That Time Ozzy Peed on the Alamo

In 1982, Ozzy Osbourne committed one of the gravest sins in Texas, by relieving himself on the Alamo cenotaph. Resources: Forget the Alamo by Chris Tomlinson and Jason Stanford A Brief History of Peeing on the Alamo – Texas Monthly Ozzy Osbourne publicly urinated in Alamo Plaza 40 years ago this week ( Ozzy Osbourne…

The San Antonio Four

During the late 1990’s four Latinx LGBT Women were accused of a horrific crime and sentenced to prison. The only problem? They didn’t do it and there was no evidence against them. Resources:

The Woman Buried in her Ferrari

Sandra West’s 1977 burial garnered national headlines, but not just because of her burial requests. Resources:

The Prestige and Drama of the Pearl Brewery

Today the Pearl District of San Antonio is a trendy spot to live and enjoy the nightlife. However, this was once the largest brewery in San Antonio, and Texas as a whole. The story involves murder, mental institutions, shady business deals, and redemption. Resources: Pearl: A History of San Antonio’s Iconic Beer by Jeremy Banas…