The Candy Lady of Terrell

When children went missing around the start of 1900, an urban legend began to spread around Terrell about the infamous “Candy Lady.” Thanks to the following resources:

El Muerto- The Headless Horseman of Texas

The South Texas badlands were a scary place for many reasons. While Sleepy Hollow may be better known for it, Texas has a Headless Horseman version of his own. Resources: The Headless Horseman: A Strange Tale of Texas

The Marshall Fire Ant Festival

Every year Marshall, TX has a festival devoted to fireants. Why would a town want to honor a biting insect? Check out this week’s episode to find out. For more on Marshall, TX and their Fireant Festival visit their Facebook Page here:

The National Museum of Funeral History- Houston

The National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, TX is a surprisingly upbeat place with an incredible collection of funeral memorabilia, including an entire section on what happens when a pope dies. Special thanks to the museum. Visit their site at for more on tickets.