The Lady of White Rock Lake

To some, she’s the Lady of the Lake. To others she’s a mysterious, albeit wet, woman in white. Regardless, she is a fascinating ghost story for those up near Dallas. Resources:

The Haunted Clocktower of Gonzales

The Gonzales County Courthouse is a marvel of a building that was begun in 1894. By 1846, the brick and limestone building was festooned with a gorgeous clocktower. However, after a murderer made a final claim, the clock tower found its curse. Resources: So you can get a look at the clocktower:

La Lechuza- Witch-Owls of Texas

In Mexico and South Texas, there’s one frightening creature that terrifies children and adults in the shape of an owl- La Lechuza. Resources: Creepy Creatures and Other Cucuys by Xavier Garza And this was just cool: