The Houston Ice Box Murders

A grisly discovery in 1965 remains one of Houston’s strangest unsolved murders. Resources: Why The Ice Box Murders Remain Terrifying After 50 Years ( The Chilling Tale of the Icebox Murders | Houstonia Magazine The Ice Box The Ice Box Murders by Hugh and Martha Gardenier Ice Box Murders | True Crime Tales (

That Time a Roman Bust Ended Up at a Texas Good Will

Thrifting sometimes leads to the discovery of treasures, but no one was expecting to find a 2,000-year-old Roman Statue at the Goodwill. Resources:

The Creepiness of Caddo Lake

In East Texas, near the Louisiana border and Jefferson, Texas lies one of the creepiest lakes in the country. This week we discuss Bigfoot, some legends, and the weird atmosphere of this place. Resources: