Why the Name?

To most of the world, Texas is known as a big state in southern America.
But to Norwegians, it is also a word that frequently crops up in everyday conversation – often in the phrase “Der var helt texas!” [That was very completely/totally texas!].


In September 2015, I left California for good. After years of trying desperately to afford the basics, I found myself in the tiny town of Llano, TX. About a week after moving here, I had about 20 friends from my life back in California send me a link to a BBC article referencing Norwegians and their delightful habit of referring to chaos as “Texas.” In short, Texas was slang for crazy. What my friends didn’t realize was how deeply I was falling in love with the state of Texas. We have incredibly weird monuments, museums, historical figures, and laws. Texas is the only state that had an embassy in London. In my attempt to learn everything I could about the Lonestar State, I found a wealth of cool true crime cases, bizarre art installations, and totally crazy figures that I couldn’t help but adore. Each week, I will present a new topic via podcast. You can follow them here: https://anchor.fm/texas-slang-for-crazy

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