The Magic of Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s is not just a gas station/convenience store. In Texas, Buccee’s in an institution. This week we discuss the amazingness, as well as where the Beaver logo comes from.


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  1. Susie Tucker says:

    Please please please come to West Texas!! Eastland/Cisco would be perfect for y’all!!!! Two junior colleges and we are known as the Microplex in answer to Dallas/Ft Worth being the Metroplex and just a short 2 hours west, just long enough for travelers to need a clean bathroom and a snack!! Thank you for your time!!


  2. m says:

    Well this institution is one Texas can do without. Buc-cees has gone so far down hill I would now rather walk a good ten miles than get gas from those monsters. The employees at the Denton location recently turned away and refused to help a women having a severe asthma attack. My sister was having difficulty BREATHING, and her RESCUE inhaler was not helping. As her throat tighten and airway constricted making it incredibly hard to breathe, her and my mother stopped at the Denton store. They immediately went into the bathroom to plug in her breathing machine. There were no outlets in the bathroom so my mom asked an employee where she could plug in this life saving device. The employee went to get a manager and that manager told my mom that they could not use an outlet. As my sister continued to struggle to breathe, the manager explained to my mom how it was against store policy to allow anyone to use the outlets. Basically your manager told my sister that a store policy was more important than her. More important than her obvious distress, more important than her ability to breathe, more important than her life.


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